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We value our patients’ experience at Spinal Logic Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dear Dr. Mike,

I could not leave to start a new life in Charleston, without letting you know how thankful I am to have received care from you.  After walking with a cane into your office over a year and a half ago, I finally am walking without assistance.  My life has been enhanced in so many ways.  Physically I feel better, emotionally I am stronger, and at last with your care I was able to realize my dream of traveling.  Going to Paris and my family’s home of origin in the Netherland was magnificent!  Dreams do come true with chiropractic care.

Roxanne L.

I had a bad fall in gymnastics and landed on my neck.  The fall left me feeling dizzy so the family doctor put me on medicine that didn’t stop the dizziness.  I then went to an audiologist who said the fall caused a concussion to the ‘balance control center’ of the inner ear.  He said I’d be well in 6 months.  I did get better, but I still got dizzy with exercise.

After several months of neurological testing I went to a cardiologist who said that my brain and heart were no longer communicating when I exercise.  He put me on medicine for vasovagal syncope.  The medicine helped, but did not solve the problem in times of great physical stress.  After being on the medicine for about 9 months I came to see Dr. Mike.  With Dr. Mike’s case I no longer need the medication and I can exercise without getting dizzy or passing out.  After almost 2 years of medical testing and medication it only took a few sessions with Dr. Mike to get my life back to normal.  I wish I knew the benefits of chiropractic care earlier.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Brittany N.

If anyone told me that three months ago I would be singing the praises of chiropractic care, I would have told them, ‘Right!’

However, in this case I must admit that I was totally wrong!  When I had my first exam it was explained to me that the left side of my spine had “shut-down” – in other words, it wasn’t working like it should.  I was at the age where aches and pains were a part of my daily life and something I was convinced I was just going to have to live with.  In addition to the back and leg pain, there were headaches and sinus problems to deal with.

After three months of care from Dr. Mike I can totally and honestly say that I am a firm believer in the care of chiropractic.  It has improved my life for the better.  Family and friends tell me that they can see the difference in the way I walk, my moods and my enjoyment of life.  My parents say that I haven’t been this active, happy and carefree since high school.  I live a richer and fuller life now.  I have more energy now then ever before.  I used to be limited in my activities and even unable to participate in some things.

So yes, chiropractic care under Dr. Mike has made a HUGE difference in my life!!!

Thanks Dr Mike for giving me my life back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim W.

I feel like Dr. Mike saved my life.  Before I was a patient he was gracious enough to refer me to a medical doctor that looked for the cause of my symptoms instead of just treating the symptoms.  The doctor I was seeing before only wanted to treat me with medicine that he knew would not heal me, the medicine had serious side effects and could at best only keep my symptoms from getting worse.  I will forever be grateful to Dr. Mike for providing me with a choice other than the prescribed medical treatment plan that I was resisting.

I have only been a patient for a couple of months, but in that time I have experienced many unexpected benefits of chiropractic care.  I came here seeking relief from lower back and neck pain, which I have had for many years.  After just a couple of months the pain in my lower back is minimal and my neck feels so much better than it did before.  What I wasn’t expecting to see happen is that I no longer stumble when I walk, the numbness on the left side of my body has gone away and my headaches have improved so much.  I have always had a headache but I no longer have pain in my forehead.  I can hardly wait to see what life will be like after a few more months of chiropractic treatment.

Carmen N.