Information for Parents

At Spinal Logic Chiropractic, we understand that parents only want the best for their children.  That’s why you feed your child a healthy diet, encourage them to get exercise, and take them to the dentist and medical doctor for regular check-ups. 

What many parents don’t know is that chiropractic check-ups are essential to ensuring your child’s spine and nervous system are developing properly.  And because your children share your genes, they often develop the same spinal issues as you. 

Dr. Mike wants to check your children’s spines to make sure that isn’t happening.  Call the office today to set up appointments for your children.

The articles below will help answer many of the questions you might have regarding chiropractic care for your children.  If you have additional questions, call (317)745-5111 to set up a consultation with Dr. Mike today!

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Parent’s Guide – Part 2

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